About Mula Moat Film Days

Welcome to the Mula Moat Film Days website! Mula Moat Film Days is an independent initiative which aims to embrace and help to further create an amicable community between film lovers from across Cyprus. Through the power of cinema, we hope to create an environment where creative individuals from around the island can gather and celebrate the beauty and undeniable power of Cypriot cinema and to bring its creators to the forefront.

Mula Moat Film Days was created with the basic foundations of unification, peace and love for the art of cinema at its core. Throughout the duration of the Film Days, there will be viewings of some important films of both Greek-Cypriot and Turkish-Cypriot filmmakers but most of all, what we hope to achieve with Mula Moat is a safe space for film-lovers where we can overlook our differences and come together in celebration.

The Cypriot cinema industry is still very much in development, so there needs to be more events that want to put Cypriot stories and creators to the forefront and give them the credit they deserve, for fighting to shape a cinematic environment that is broad and that represents Cyprus as a whole and not a fragmented nation.

We hope that Mula Moat Film Days will facilitate cooperation between filmmakers across the island. Workshops during the events we will organise, will bring together professionals, amateurs and the audience in order to advance the film industry in Cyprus. Through co-productions, Cypriot filmmakers can become more visible to the wider society.

This website was created in collaboration between a Turkish Cypriot and a Greek Cypriot researcher, and it is meant to be utilized as a guide for the current state of Cypriot cinema, and offer some helpful information to people who might not be as familiar with the topic. Here you will find information regarding important films from both Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot filmmakers that one should watch if interested in the history of contemporary Cypriot cinema. The website also aims to help younger people who have an interest in cinema and are lacking resources, to learn more about how to be involved in the industry. That is why we have included links to different funding institutions for creators who are looking to fund their projects. 


Mula Moat Film Days aims to inspire and bring people together in celebration for Cypriot cinema.


We hope our initiative will serve as a catalyst for many more similar themed events to come to the island.


It is also meant to educate and help guide people through previously uncharted cinematic territories of Cypriot cinema.

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