Learning about the history of Cypriot cinema is a fascinating experience and we want to encourage film enthusiasts by providing as much useful material as possible. Here, you can find links that will take you on a journey of Cypriot cinema. From websites that will provide you with a plethora of Cypriot films available to watch online, to important academic essays written on the subject of Cypriot cinema.


Live presentation of the Mula Moat Film Days initiative

Watch a recorded discussion about the idea behind and the aims of Mula Moat Film Days between the initiative’s organisers and the researchers who helped create this website.


Films from Cyprus

Created as a response to the Corona outbreak and lockdown, this website is a massive library where one can browse over a plethora of Cypriot films (mostly shorts) and enjoy them at home for free. This is one of the largest libraries of Cypriot cinema online and it provides a lot of material for anyone interested in Cypriot cinema. 


Filming in Cyprus

A list of all the different production companies and producers who are currently available and working in Cyprus. The website provides information on the different production companies including emails, websites and telephone numbers for anyone who is interested in starting a new film project.


Cypriot Cinemas: Memory, Conflict, and Identity in the Margins of Europe by Costas Constandinides and Yiannis Papadakis

Cyprus, the idyllic “island of Aphrodite,” is better known as a site of conflict and division between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, rather than for its film production. Constandinides and Papadakis work to rectify this dearth of information by discussing the ouevre of filmmakers engaging with the island’s traumatic legacies: anti-colonial struggles, post-colonial instability, interethnic conflict, external interventions and war. Starting with the cinema of the 1960s, when the island became a republic, the collection focuses on the recent decades of filmmakers exploring issues of conflict, memory, identity, nationalism, migration and gender, as well as the work of filmmakers who chose to cooperate across the ethnic divide. 


The Time and Space of Greek-Cypriot Cinema: A Deleuzian Reading by Lisa Socrates

Cypriot cinema starting from 1974. The text provides fascinating information regarding the political and socio-economical background which helped form Greek – Cypriot cinema.


The Friends of Cinema Society

Founded in 1991, the Friends of Cinema Society has been one of the most important archivist portals of cinema in Cyprus. They have scheduled weekly viewings and seminars focusing on European cinema.


Crowdfunding Tips

Watch 31 filmmakers share their experience on how to successfully raise money for a film project.